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Airstream Founder Wally Byam

The Founder of Airstream, Wally Byam, had a dream to create lightweight travel trailers that slipped cleanly through the wind. And with it was born another dream, one of new freedoms, new places, new experiences, and new friendships. It was a dream so powerful and so enduring that it did far more than create a new way to travel; it created a new way of life shared by thousands upon thousands of families.

Airstream Founder Wally Byam knew that a rounded, low-profile shape would make towing easier and more stable. And he knew that aluminium would make his trailers as light as possible. The successful combination of shape and lightweight design has made the Airstream travel trailer world-renowned for its superior structured integrity. That’s because the Airstream employs semi monocoque construction, using a riveted inner and outer layer of aluminium stretched over the frame. This way, the skin itself becomes a working part of the integral structure.

Hand-built with a craftsman’s attention to detail, the Airstream offers unmatched durability and strength for its weight. Just ask one of the more than 100,000 Airstream owners!

Airstream History

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