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The 762 “International Series” redefines upscale contemporary, sleek sophistication.

762 Airstream “International Series”

Factory modified to meet stringent Australian Design Rules, the 762 “International Series” offers the discriminating consumer a wide array of choices for a wide array of destinations. Whether you’re taking a road trip to Kakadu or creating a unique backyard guest house, the International Series makes a statement.

The 762 “International Series” redefines upscale contemporary, sleek sophistication. Designer styling, intuitive floor plans, spatial design - do away with any sense of clutter without sacrificing charm. Personalise your Airstream with a range of modern colour options and fabrics to complement the high contrast aluminium and laminate elements, creating a subtle but magical connection between the exterior and interior space. Décors feature “Vista View” and panoramic windows, truly bringing the outside in. At night, strategically-placed recessed LED lighting sparkles. Every colour, shape, surface and texture contributes to an atmosphere of relaxed international modernism.

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